Glue-In Anchors

For those who seek an alternative to mechanical anchoring solutions, our Glue-In Anchors category offers a robust lineup of versatile and reliable adhesive anchoring systems. From state-of-the-art twist leg and solid leg glue-in anchors to more general designs, like welded, staple / U-bolt variants, we have something to fit every glue-in anchoring need.

Complementing these options are ready-made specialist assemblies, like glue-in chain extenders and inline chain set anchors with pigtails, designed to provide additional versatility and security for your new routing.

Glue-in anchors offer a distinct blend of strength and flexibility. Made from top-quality materials and engineered for maximum adhesive mechanical engagement, each anchor type in this category delivers unparalleled durability and load-bearing capability.

Explore our Glue-In Anchors category for dependable and flexible anchoring solutions. Whether you’re setting up a new climbing route or securing to a structural element, trust our selection for a steadfast and durable anchoring system.

Anchoring systems can make or break your outdoor adventures which is why our Glue-In Anchors category is designed to offer a superior range of adhesive anchoring options. Whether you’re a climbing enthusiast or a professional in the industrial rope access industry, you’ll find an array of high-quality glue-in anchors suited for a variety of applications. Our selection includes twist leg glue-in anchors, solid leg glue-in anchors, and more general types, like welded, staple / U-bolt glue-in anchors. Each is engineered to provide secure and reliable anchoring with a focus on strength, durability, and ease of installation.

The unique advantage of glue-in anchors lies in their blend of strength and flexibility. Unlike their mechanical counterparts, glue-in anchors offer a seamless, low-profile installation that minimises stress concentrations, making them ideal for softer rock types or intricate structural applications. The adhesive used in these anchors enhances their load-bearing capacity, ensuring a durable and long-lasting hold. Our Glue-In Anchor Category further extends this versatility with additional options like glue-in chain extenders and inline chain set glue-in anchors with pigtails, offering customisable solutions for complex anchoring scenarios.

Made from premium, corrosion-resistant materials, each anchor type in our Glue-In Anchors category has undergone rigorous in-house testing, on top of their certified ratings, to meet and exceed industry standards. Trust in the robustness and flexibility of our product range to provide you with the security and peace of mind you require, no matter what your anchoring needs may be.