Twist Leg Anchors

Product Manufacturing

The products we manufacture and retail represent more than 30 years of experience establishing first ascents and developing new climbing areas around the world. We have equipped new routes in some of the harshest known corrosive crag environments.

Climbing Bolt Supplies represents the original manufacturer of titanium rock anchors, Titan Climbing, and actively supports the Crag Chemistry project led by David Reeve, upon which the revised UIAA anchor classes were based.

We hold current certification in industrial rope access (IRATA) and British Standards coded tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding. This collective experience and knowledge drives our manufacturing and product standards.

Material Type, Grade and Quality

At Climbing Bolt Supplies, we understand that material type, material grade and consistent material quality are fundamental to the fabrication of reliable glue-in anchors, bolts and quality bolting hardware.

For our stainless steel products, we only use marine grade, austenitic stainless steel AISI 316 / A4 and not stainless steel grade AISI 304 / A2. This reflects our knowledge of corrosion, materials and experience with successful, sustainable bolting in corrosive environments while producing cost-effective products. We only use European steel sourced directly from the mill.

We have a complete range of glue-in anchors and hardware manufactured in commercially pure (grade two) titanium for customers who require protection against stress corrosion cracking (SCC) and sulphide stress cracking (SSC) corrosion. See our corrosion page for more information.

Climbing Anchor Fabrication and Surface Treatment

By cold forming the stainless steel, this process avoids the use of heat treatment, increasing the hardness and strength of the material.

Our forming method in particular  ensures a consistent twist along the shaft for extra long anchors so they do not jam at the mid-point during insertion. This eliminates the need for bespoke drill bit dimeters.

Products are professionally passivated according to ASTM A-967 which removes any surface contaminants from the material.

For threaded products such as wedge bolts and quick links, threads are rolled, not cut.


Tungsten inert gas welding (TIG) is performed by competent, coded welders, certified to British and ISO Standards in segregated welding booths to minimise cross-material contamination.
  1. We do not use cheaper, mis-matched lower grades of steel in our welding filler rods.
  2. Titanium is welded in a pure argon chamber resulting in perfect silvery welds that are individually proof loaded.
  3. Welds are rejected if beads are found to contain cracks or holes or the finished weld does not have a uniform wave, width and height.
  4. We manufacture our own un-welded links for joining chain to our range of glue-in anchors.
  5. We do not cut chain then reweld the cut link.
Un-Welded Stainless Steel Chain

Testing and Standards

In addition to meeting and exceeding European standard EN 959 and the requirements of the UIAA, we test products in-house and demonstrate product performance to participants attending our bolting courses.
HydraJaws Axial Load Testing Tool
HydraJaws Axial Load Testing Gauge

Laser Engraving

All of our twist leg glue-in anchors are laser engraved with our company initials, standard, strength, month and year of manufacture, material grade.
Climbing Bolt Supplies Twist Leg Anchors


Orders are dispatched in reinforced branded cardboard boxes, to ensure your order is delivered securely.
Climbing Bolt Supplies Shipment Ready For Despatch
Climbing Bolt Supplies Twist Leg Anchor
Via Ferrata Ladder Rungs Ready For Despatch
Climbing Bolts Ready For Despatch
Our glue-in anchors are bunched into groups of 10 pieces using a cable tie to facilitate customer stock taking and safeguard against loss in the unlikely event of damaged packaging.