Bolting Accessories

The right Bolting Accessories can make all the difference in safety and performance. Our personal selection offers everything from SDS Plus drill bits, for precise drilling, to specialised adhesive dispensers, ensuring that your anchors are as secure as possible.

Each product, be it hole cleaning brushes, blow-out pumps, or adhesive mixer nozzles, is designed with both durability and functionality in mind. These tools are essential for establishing and maintaining reliable fixed protection anchor systems that you can trust in vertical activity applications.

From the convenience of telescopic magnet pens, for retrieving metal objects, to the efficacy of our epoxy resin adhesives, our Bolting Accessories category is your one-stop shop for a secure and successful bolting experience.

Your safety hinges on the quality of your equipment. Bolting accessories are not just supplemental tools; they are critical components that contribute to the integrity of your new climbing routes. Our carefully designed, manufactured and curated selection in the Bolting Accessories category aims to be your comprehensive resource for creating and maintaining robust, reliable climbing routes.

In this Bolting Accessories product category, you’ll find everything from SDS Plus drill bits, crafted for laser-precise drilling, to robust adhesive dispensers that simplify the process of securing anchors.

Drilling is often the starting point for anchor installation, and that’s where our SDS Plus drill bits come into play. Made from high-grade materials, these drill bits offer exceptional durability and precision, enabling you to create holes that are both clean and accurate. However, drilling is just the first step. Once the hole is drilled, cleaned drill holes are essential for the effectiveness of the anchoring adhesive. That’s where our hole cleaning brushes come in – designed to effectively remove dust, debris, and small rock fragments to prepare the hole for adhesive application – as well as indicating the hole depth. Our manual blow-out pumps ensure that the hole is free of any remaining particulates that might interfere with the adhesive’s bonding process and come with accessory cord pre-rigged for immediate use.

We’ve got you covered with a selection of adhesive mixer nozzles and epoxy resin adhesives. These products are engineered for optimum mixing and application, ensuring a strong bond that stands up to both time and the elements. Our adhesive dispensers are designed to withstand the rigors of route setting and climbing. For ease of use, they provide you with precise control over the amount and flow of the adhesive. This results in efficient usage of materials and a more secure anchor.

Understanding that bolting often involves dealing with small, difficult-to-handle components, we also offer telescopic magnet pens. These handy tools are perfect for picking up dropped bolts, nuts, or any other metal objects from hard-to-reach places – nevermind broken drill bits stuck in holes! They’re a small, but essential, part of making your bolting task go as smoothly as possible.

Our Bolting Accessories category is designed to be your go-to hub for all things related to anchor installation and maintenance. From the drilling phase to the adhesive application, each product is chosen to enhance your bolting experience by maximising safety, durability, and efficiency.