'Eterna' Titanium Glue-In Staple Anchor 'U Bolt' For Normal Rock - 125mm Leg Length By Titan Climbing
'Eterna' Titanium Glue-In Staple Anchor 'U Bolt' For Normal Rock - 125mm Leg Length By Titan Climbing

Titanium Glue-in Staple Anchor - U Shaped

Product Category: Glue-In Anchors

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Titanium Glue-In Staple Anchors are 'U' shaped glue-in anchors made from titanium, which can be installed vertically, as an individual protection bolt, or in pairs for lower off / bolt belay construction.

The Titanium Glue-In Staple Anchor is the companion product to Titan Climbing’s ‘Eterna’ glue-in anchor for climbing areas, which suffer from aggressive corrosion. This EN 959 Certified titanium staple or ‘U’ shape glue-in anchor can be installed as an individual protection bolt or in pairs for lower-off / bolt belay construction.

When combined with titanium chain, it is possible to create theft-proof anchor configurations by inserting one leg of the staple through the end link before glueing the anchor into place.

Manufactured from commercially pure, grade two titanium, these glue-in anchors are manufactured under a strict quality control program throughout the whole process, from material sourcing all the way through manufacture to destructive / non-destructive testing.

Rigorous in-house testing meets or exceeds the requirements of EN 959 and all bolts and anchors are certified to EN 959. All bolts and anchors are also 100% inspected and passivated to ASTM B600-11 to ensure no iron contamination is on the surface of the titanium.

The objective of these anchors is to achieve a minimum 50 year design life when installed with a suitable adhesive.

The standard dimensions of these titanium glue-in staple anchors are 8.9mm diameter round Titanium rod with leg lengths of 80mm embedment and at 50mm centres.

Key Features of the Titanium Glue-In Staple Anchors

  • Titanium Strength: Harness the incredible strength-to-weight ratio of titanium. While being featherlight, this Glue-in Staple Anchor offers durability that rivals much heavier metals. With no welded parts, the pure strength of titanium is there to support the climber.
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance: Titanium’s unparalleled resistance to corrosion ensures that the anchor remains unaffected by the elements, making it perfect for climbing environments, which are prone to cause heavy corrosion.
  • Eco-Friendly Commitment: Given titanium’s longevity and natural resistance to the elements, climbers benefit from fewer replacements over time, leading to a reduced environmental footprint. Furthermore, when correctly set, the glue-in staple anchors have a minimum visual impact of the rock face.
  • Full Range Of Lengths: The titanium staple anchors come in a full range of leg lengths, so you can choose the correct length anchor for the rock conditions you are working with.
  • Product Traceability: Each individual titanium glue-in staple anchor is fully traceable from material sourcing through manufacture and testing, as they have the batch number and date of manufacture stamped into them.

Titan Climbing products are made in Sheffield and represent years of experience of fabricating anchors from titanium. They are recognised as the leading manufacturer of titanium climbing products.

Why use Titanium for the Glue-In Staple Anchors?

Titanium stands out as the ultimate material for Glue-in Staple Anchors for several compelling reasons:

  • Unyielding Strength: Titanium offers unparalleled strength comparable to steel, but at nearly half the weight, making it ideal for climbers who demand robust equipment without the added bulk.
  • Environmental Resilience: Whether faced with salty sea air or acidic rain, titanium’s corrosion resistance ensures that the anchor maintains its integrity and performance for many years.
  • Sustainability: The long-lasting nature of titanium aligns with the eco-conscious ethos of many in the climbing community, offering a sustainable choice without compromising on performance.

Uses for Titanium Glue-In Staple Anchors

  • For protection bolts on routes or at anchors (lower offs / bolt belays).
  • Rock climbing
  • Canyoning.
  • Caving.

Titanium Glue-In Staple Anchor Specifications

  • Rod thickness: 8.9mm (12mm Hole).
  • Lengths:
    • 80mm (hard rock).
    • 125mm (soft rock).
  • Material: Titanium Grade 2.
  • Breaking strain: 30kN.
  • Weight: 60g / 93g.
  • Standard: EN 959.

In 2016 Titan Climbing had all their bolts and anchors tested by SATRA, an external test house in UK to both EN 959 and UIAA 123.

Anchor Adhesive

Please note that the standard certification is only valid when the titanium glue-in staple is combined with the Gebofix EPO Plus RE Pure Epoxy adhesive. Please contact us if you wish to use another adhesive other than the ones specified above.