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Exploring the crags and climbing routes of Hong Kong is made simpler with our specialised collection in the Guides and Books category. Featuring two essential publications—Hong Kong Rock 2020 and its updated version, Hong Kong Rock 2023, by Francis Haden – these climbing guides are your key to unlocking the climbing potential of this unique region.

Each guidebook is packed with vital information for climbing in Hong Kong. Whether you’re a seasoned climber or a newbie, these guidebooks offer an indispensable resource for a fulfilling climbing experience in Hong Kong.

Whether you’re an experienced climber or a newcomer eager to explore, finding the right climbing routes and understanding the lay of the land is crucial for a successful climbing experience. That’s why our Guides and Books category offers a focused selection of the most relevant publications for climbing in Hong Kong. With two current publications – Hong Kong Rock 2020 and its recently updated version, Hong Kong Rock 2023, we aim to provide climbers with the essential information they need to safely and confidently navigate this distinct climbing region.

Both guidebooks are more than just route catalogues; they are comprehensive resources that cover all aspects of climbing in Hong Kong. From in-depth route descriptions and gradings to topographical maps and safety tips, these guides offer a full suite of information designed to enhance your climbing experience. They are the result of meticulous research and updates, by Hong Kong’s leading route developer, providing you with the most current and accurate data for planning your climbing adventures.

In a nutshell, our Guides and Books category serves as a concise, but invaluable resource for any climber interested in tackling the unique challenges presented by Hong Kong’s climbing routes. Consider these guidebooks your trusted companions, arming you with the knowledge and confidence you need to fully enjoy all that Hong Kong’s diverse climbing scene has to offer.