'Eterna' Titanium Glue-In Anchor - 110mm Shaft For 12mm Hole By Titan Climbing
'Eterna' Titanium Glue-In Anchor - 80mm Shaft For 14mm Hole By Titan Climbing
'Eterna' Titanium Glue-In Anchor - 110mm Shaft For 14mm Hole By Titan Climbing
'Eterna' Titanium Glue-In Anchor - 110mm Shaft For 12mm Hole By Titan Climbing'Eterna' Titanium Glue-In Anchor - 80mm Shaft For 14mm Hole By Titan Climbing'Eterna' Titanium Glue-In Anchor - 110mm Shaft For 14mm Hole By Titan Climbing

'Eterna' Titanium Glue-in Anchor

Product Category: Glue-In Anchors

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The 'Eterna' Glue-In Anchor is the first ever EN 959 certified titanium anchor. It is the perfect anchor for places which suffer from aggressive corrosion, such as coastal or tropical areas.

The Titanium ‘Eterna’ Glue-In Anchor is the first EN 959 certified titanium glue-in anchor on the market. Made by the UK’s Titan Climbing in Sheffield, the ‘Eterna’ is the ‘go-to’ anchor for climbing in areas, which suffer from aggressive corrosion.

Titan Climbing have innovated on their classic glue-in anchor design by offering a 12mm hole version (stock codes EB780 and EB7110) of the 80mm glue-in leg anchor. The hole diameter reduction saves not just on weight, but also provides further savings by boosting the number of anchors placed per battery, the use of cheaper drill bits and quicker drilling times.

Manufactured from commercially pure, grade two titanium, these glue-in anchors are manufactured under a strict quality control program throughout the whole process, from material sourcing, all the way through manufacture, to destructive / non-destructive testing.

Rigorous in-house testing meets or exceeds the requirements of EN 959 and all bolts and anchors are certified to EN 959. All bolts and anchors are also 100% inspected and passivated to ASTM B600-11 to ensure no iron contamination is left on the surface of the titanium.

The objective of these anchors is to achieve a minimum 50 year design life when installed with a suitable adhesive.

Key Features of the Titanium ‘Eterna’ Glue-In Anchor

  • Titanium Strength: Titanium has exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Light yet mighty, ‘Eterna’ glue-in anchors offer unmatched resilience.
  • Innovative ‘Eterna’ Design: The shaft grooves are pressed, rather than cut, so there is no unintentional reduction in the strength of the anchor. An interference fit behind the eye enables placement in inverted placements.
  • Superior Corrosion Resistance: Titanium’s innate resistance to corrosion guarantees that ‘Eterna’ remains steadfast, even in the most aggressive corrosion environments.
  • Safety: Every ‘Eterna’ glue-in anchor is proof-loaded to 12kN and each batch of anchors is fully traceable, thanks to the batch number and date stamped onto the head of the anchor.
  • Suited To All Rock Types: The ‘Eterna’ is available in a full range of leg lengths to suit the type of rock it is to be anchored into.
  • Eco-Conscious Choice: With its extended lifespan and resistance to the elements, ‘Eterna’ reduces the frequency of anchor replacements, leading to a minimised environmental footprint. Furthermore, its design means there is minimal visual impact to the site where the anchors are installed.

Why Is The ‘Eterna’ Anchor Made From Titanium?

Titanium is the gold standard for glue-in anchors due to its:

  • Exceptional Strength: Offering strength comparable to steel at nearly half the weight, titanium ensures robust anchors without the added bulk.
  • Enduring Nature: With unmatched corrosion resistance, titanium anchors like ‘Eterna’ promise longevity, even in the harshest climbing locations.
  • Eco-Friendliness: Titanium’s long-lasting nature aligns with the values of many in the climbing community, offering a sustainable choice without performance compromise.

Uses for the Titanium ‘Eterna’ Glue-In Anchor

  • For protection bolts on routes or at anchors (lower offs / bolt belays).
  • Rock climbing.
  • Canyoning.
  • Caving.

Titanium Glue-In Anchor Specifications

  • Rod thickness: 7mm pressed (12mm hole) or 8mm pressed (14mm hole).
  • Lengths:
    • 80mm (hard rock).
    • 110mm (soft rock).
  • Material: Titanium Grade 2.
  • Breaking strain: 35kN.
  • Weight: 61g / 72g.
  • Standard: EN 959.

In 2016 Titan Climbing had all their bolts and anchors tested by SATRA, an external test house in the UK, to both EN959 and UIAA123.

Anchor Adhesive

Please note that the EN 959 certification is only valid when the ‘Eterna’ glue-in anchor and Gebofix EPO Plus epoxy adhesive are used in combination. Please contact us if you wish to use another adhesive other than the ones specified above.