Drilling Out A Rock Bolt

Technical Presentations

Technical Presentations for Outdoor Education & Climbing Communities

Improving Safety and Knowledge in Climbing

Climbing, as a pursuit of both thrill and connection with nature, has burgeoned in popularity over recent years. As more climbing enthusiasts venture out to scale new peaks and rock faces, ensuring safety becomes paramount. Recognising this urgent need, we've channelled our expertise into creating technical presentations tailored specifically for outdoor education businesses and the diverse climbing community. These presentations cater to a myriad of topics, all centred around fixed protection and the pioneering of new climbing areas.
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Scope of Our Technical Presentations

Our presentations are versatile, spanning a comprehensive range of subjects concerning fixed protection in climbing. We understand that every outdoor education business or climbing community might have unique requirements. Some might seek a foundational understanding of installing fixed protection, while others might look for advanced techniques and nuances. Thus, our presentations can be as broad or as focused as needed - from short presentations to multiple days structured courses.

Decision-Making Processes For Climbing Safety

One of our core training focuses is on the decision-making process behind bolting new climbing areas. We believe that a climber's safety is intrinsically tied to the decisions made during the initial bolting phase. This understanding is especially crucial for those involved in developing new climbing sites.

Through our presentations, participants will gain insights into:

  1. Determining the line of a new route.
  2. Evaluating cliffs and understanding rock structures.
  3. Considering environmental impacts and ensuring minimal ecological disruption.

Customised Technical Presentations

Recognizing the diverse needs of our audience, our presentations can be tailored on demand. Whether the need is for a brief, hour-long overview or a deep-dive, structured course that spans several days, we're equipped to deliver. Some potential focus topics include:
  1. Materials and Equipment: Understand the different types of bolts, hangers, and anchors, their strengths, weaknesses, and best use scenarios.
  2. Techniques and Best Practices: From drilling to fixing the bolts and testing their stability, delve into the details of the new routing process.
  3. Ethical Considerations: Climbing isn't just about conquering rock faces. It's about respecting nature. Learn about the ethics of bolting and the impact of developing new climbing areas.
  4. Inspection and Maintenance: Bolts and anchors are not set-and-forget. Regular checks, maintenance, and sometimes replacements are necessary to ensure continued safety.

Who Are Our Technical Presentations For?

While primarily aimed at outdoor education businesses and climbing communities, our training presentations can benefit a wide array of enthusiasts and professionals:
  1. Climbing gym owners looking to provide educational presentations for climbers progressing from indoor to outdoor rock climbing.
  2. Environmentalists keen on understanding the impact of climbing on nature.
  3. Rock climbers wishing to learn the process of developing new routes.
  4. Seasoned climbers already bolting new routes who wish to diversify their skill base or to update their knowledge on the latest in fixed protection.

We have delivered training courses or presentations to:

  • China New Horizons
  • Asia Outdoors
  • Hong Kong Outward Bound
  • Asia Pacific Adventures
  • Bangkok sport climbing community
  • Thailand Mountain Sports Club
  • Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures