Bolting Equipment

At Climbing Bolt Supplies, we specialise in providing only the highest quality rock climbing anchors, climbing bolts and route equipping products. Each item in our diverse range is personally tested or developed to ensure they meet our rigorous standards of strength, reliability, and safety. 

Shackles are versatile connectors used for multiple applications in climbing and rigging. Our shackles, known for their strength and durability, are an essential part of the climbing kit, used to secure ropes, harnesses, and other gear, enhancing climbers' safety as they ascend or descend a rock face.

We carry a great selection of bolts, manufactured from either titanium or stainless steel, carefully chosen for their strength and resistance to wear. Bolts are critical for route developing, as they're often the only thing between a climber and a fall. They are used to affix climbing ropes and other safety gear to the rock.

Anchors, which are firmly embedded in the rock, serve as the point of attachment for a climbing rope. Our range includes glue-in anchors, twisted anchors, and traditional anchors, each type tailored for different rock conditions, ensuring climbers' safety.

Chains and bolt hangers provide secure points of attachment for climbers. Our chains are designed for durability, once again, manufactured from either titanium or stainless steel, and are typically used in setting up belays, while our bolt hangers offer a reliable and safe connection point for climbing ropes.

Karabiners, or carabiners, are metal loops with spring-loaded gates. They are one of the most essential items in climbing, used to connect components or route the rope. Our karabiners are designed to be lightweight, strong, and reliable for various climbing situations.

Maillons, also known as quick links, are used as semi-permanent connectors and are ideal for situations where strength and safety are paramount. Our maillons are known for their robustness and versatility.

Rappel rings, used in anchoring systems, allow for smooth rope pull-downs after a climber completes their descent. They offer an additional level of safety and convenience.

Lower offs, which we offer in an array of styles, are used for safe, controlled descents. These devices play a crucial role in ensuring climbers' safe return to the ground.

We also carry Via Ferrata ladder rungs, designed to be robust and durable. These fixed iron rungs, used in Via Ferrata climbing, offer secure points for climbers to hold onto or step on, facilitating safer and easier ascents and descents.

Francis Haden, our owner, takes a hands-on approach, personally testing or developing our products to ensure that they, not only meet, but exceed industry standards. This dedication to quality, safety, and reliability has earned us the trust of climbers worldwide.

In essence, Climbing Bolt Supplies provides not just climbing gear, but also confidence and peace of mind. In a sport where safety is paramount, our products are your steadfast companions on every climb, underpinning your journey with strength and reliability.