Telescopic Magnet Pen

Product Category: Bolting Accessories

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A Telescopic Magnet Pen is an important part of any route setter, or climber's, equipment. It can help you remove broken drill bits from rock holes, or recover dropped metal items.

A Telescopic Magnet Pen can be a Godsend for climbers and route setters when the unexpected happens. If a drill bit breaks in a hole, or you drop a bolt or anchor into a hard-to-reach crag, a telescopic magnet pen could help get you out of an otherwise difficult situation.

Key Features of the Telescopic Magnet Pen

  • Extendable Design: Designed with an adjustable telescopic mechanism, this pen allows climbers to effortlessly extend its reach, making it ideal for retrieving dropped metal objects like bolts, nuts, or hangers from crevices or ledges.
  • Powerful Magnetic Tip: The pen’s tip houses a strong magnet, ensuring secure retrieval of even the tiniest metallic items, reducing the risk of leaving essential gear behind, or recovering lost components.
  • Compact & Lightweight: Designed with climbers in mind, the Telescopic Magnet Pen is both compact and lightweight, making it an unobtrusive addition to any climbing kit.
  • Clip-On Feature: Equipped with a handy clip, it easily attaches to pockets, harnesses, or gear bags for quick access.

Uses for the Telescopic Magent Pen

While climbing, it’s not uncommon for climbers to accidentally drop small metallic gear pieces. The Telescopic Magnet Pen proves invaluable in such situations:

  • Gear Retrieval: Easily recover dropped bolts, nuts, or other metal components without the need for a tedious climb-down or risky reach-outs.
  • Route Setting Assistance: For route setters, it’s an indispensable tool, aiding in the placement or retrieval of metal holds or hardware in hard-to-reach places.
  • Safety: Reduce the risk of leaving behind essential gear, ensuring climbs remain safe and routes remain intact.
  • Time & Energy Saving: Stops the need for drilling a new hole if a drill bit breaks and helps save battery energy in doing so.

Telescopic Magnet Pen Specifications

  • Will fit inside 12mm and larger diameter holes.
  • Retracted length 13cm.
  • Extended length 64cm.
  • 15g.