G&B Figgassi Gebofix EPO Plus Epoxy Adhesive Nozzle
G&B Figgassi Gebofix EPO Plus Epoxy Adhesive Nozzle

G&B Gebofix EPO Plus Mixer Nozzle

Product Category: Bolting Accessories

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The G&B Gebofix EPO Plus Mixer Nozzle is a vital replacement part to have with you on any route setting climb to ensure you can safely inject the adhesive into your glue-in anchor drill holes.

The G&B Gebofix EPO Plus Mixer Nozzle is a spare mixer nozzle for the injection of G&B Gebofix EPO Plus adhesive, which we recommend for fastening all of our glue-in anchors.

We sell the G&B Gebofix mixer nozzles as extras to supplement the single mixer included with every Gebofix adhesive pack. Nozzles can become clogged or the adhesive within can cure, requiring a spare mixer nozzle.

Extension tubing may be required for installing glue-in anchors greater than 80mm embedment depth or that require hole diameters under 14mm. Please contact us should you require extension tubing.

How To Use The G&B Gebofix EPO Plus Mixer Nozzle

Mixer nozzles are needed to mix and inject G&B Gebofix EPO Plus Adhesive into a drill hole and fix glue-in anchors. Old adhesive will eventually cure and make the mixer nozzle, which is in use, unusable. When this happens, a replacement Gebofix mixer nozzle is required. We recommend that while bolting you always have at least one spare mixer nozzle with you.

To change the mixer nozzle:

  • Unscrew the old nozzle.
  • Make sure the adhesive within the exit hole of the tube / pack is clear of any partially cured adhesive.
  • Screw on the new mixer nozzle, ready for use.
  • Prime the mixer nozzle with fresh product then discard the required number of trigger pulls to ensure both components are mixing correctly.