Hole Cleaning Brush For Climbers - Steel 10mm Hole
Hole Cleaning Brush For Climbers - Twisted Nylon 16mm Hole
Hole Cleaning Brush For Climbers - Twisted Nylon 12mm Hole
Hole Cleaning Brush For Climbers - Steel 10mm HoleHole Cleaning Brush For Climbers - Twisted Nylon 16mm HoleHole Cleaning Brush For Climbers - Twisted Nylon 12mm Hole

Hole Cleaning Brushes

Product Category: Bolting Accessories

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Hole brushes are an essential piece of kit for climbers, as if the drill holes are not properly cleared of dust and debris, the adhesive for the glue-in bolt, or the expansion bolt may not be set fully, risking a compromised bolt or anchor.

Hole cleaning brushes are a small, but vital accessory for every new route developer.

Hole cleaning brushes are critical for the effective clearing of dust and debris from drill holes to ensure there is a clean, internal surface to which the adhesive for glue-in anchors can bond to, or for expansion bolt clips to correctly engage. In addition, hole cleaning brushes can be used to test the depth and straightness of your drill holes prior to inserting a bolt or anchor.

Key Features of Our Hole Cleaning Brushes

  • Robust Bristle Design: Our brushes are equipped with durable bristles of either steel or nylon, tailored to effectively remove debris, dust, and dirt from drilled holes, ensuring a clean surface for anchor installation.
  • Ergonomic Handle: Designed for comfort and efficiency, the ergonomic handle offers a firm grip, allowing users to clean holes with ease and precision.
  • Versatile Sizing: Suitable for a range of hole diameters, our brushes are an indispensable tool, whether you’re setting up a sport route or a multi-pitch trad climb.
  • Durable Construction: Made with high-quality materials, these brushes are built to last, ensuring consistent performance even with frequent use. The stems are thicker than comparable cleaning brushes to prevent brushes becoming permanently bent.

How To Use Hole Cleaning Brushes Effectively

Hole Cleaning Brushes are used to:

  • Ensure Proper Adhesion: For glue-in anchors, a clean hole is crucial to ensure the adhesive bonds correctly with the rock, providing a secure anchor point.
  • Ensure Correct Installation: For mechanical anchors, like expansion bolts, a clean hole ensures the clip can engage enabling the bolt to expand effectively and evenly, offering maximum holding power.

Why Are Hole Cleaning Brushes Essential Bolting Kit?

Safety in sport climbing heavily relies on the integrity of the anchor points. A clean hole ensures that anchors, whether glued or mechanically fixed, achieve their maximum potential holding power. Without proper cleaning, there’s a risk of compromised anchor installation, which can jeopardise the safety of the climber.

We supply shorter (steel wire) brushes that are ideal for developers installing standard length (80mm) glue-in anchors.

Hole Cleaning Brush Specifications

  • Steel Brushes – Length 13cm; Weight 20g.
  • Nylon Brushes – Length 24cm; Weight 33g.