In-line chain set lower off with pigtail

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A complete lower off assembly consisting of two glue-in anchors with the upper anchor connected by stainless steel chain to a 10mm diameter pigtail installed on the lower anchor.

In-line lower offs are the cheapest configuration when rock conditions require the placement of the back up anchor in an awkward position e.g. around a corner or at the rear of a ledge. 

The lower anchor (with pigtail) can be positioned in the best location for an optimum hang. 

All components are 'metal matched' and fabricated from high quality stainless steel in 1.4401 / AISI 316 / A4 grade.

Choose from 6mm or 8mm glue-in bolts with a leg length of 100mm pre linked to the chain.

100mm leg length is our standard bolt length for this covers the majority of rock types customers are equipping.

We can provide custom solutions to any of our anchors (including an expansion bolt hanger). Please contact us for your requirement.

  • As a lower off installed at the top of a single pitch sport route
  • Rock climbing

Link thickness: 8mm 

Pigtail thickness: 10mm

Size: 52mm internal link length

Material: 1.4401 / AISI 316 / A4

Chain breaking strain: 58.9kN from internal testing

Weight: 590g (with 6mm * 100mm glue-ins) to 680g (with 8mm * 100mm glue-ins)

Chain standard: DIN 763


Manufactured from high quality European sourced stainless steel.