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195mm Titanium Screw Link Maillon By Titan Climbing
195mm Titanium Screw Link Maillon By Titan Climbing

Titanium Screwlink (Quick Link)

Product Category: Belay / Lower Off

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Titanium Screwlinks are premium quality quick links, which are oval in shape and have a gate which can be screwed closed to create a secure, semi-permanent connection between anchors, chains and other climbing equipment.

Titanium Screwlinks are also known as quick links, or maillon rapide. A screwlink is a semi-permanent connection used in climbing, rigging, and various other applications and is essentially a link, often oval, made of metal, with a threaded gate or sleeve on one side. When the gate is screwed shut, it forms a closed loop that can bear loads.

Our titanium screw links are manufactured by Titan Climbing in Sheffield from grade two titanium. These screwlinks are used for connecting rappel rings with glue-in anchors or for linking titanium chain.

We recommended that the thread of the link is glued with ‘thread locker’ to prevent theft or the risk of the screw lock loosening due to vibration. This will still allow the disassembly of the screwlink with tools, should the rappel ring ever wear out. This way, only the ring needs to be replaced and not the whole anchor, which reduces long-term maintenance costs to a minimum.

Key Features of Titanium Screwlinks

  1. Streamlined Design: Our Titanium Screwlink offers a seamless connection, ensuring easy attachment and detachment, making it integral for creating versatile and secure anchor points or extending placements.
  2. Superior Titanium Quality: Only titanium can offer the unmatched strength-to-weight ratio used in these screwlinks. While being incredibly light, our screwlink boasts a resilience that stands up to the most rigorous climbing demands.
  3. Enhanced Corrosion Resistance: With titanium’s inherent resistance to corrosion, this screwlink promises durability, even in the harshest environments – be it salty coastal cliffs or humid jungle crags.
  4. Precision Screw Mechanism: The finely-threaded closure ensures a secure, tight connection, while still allowing for quick and intuitive adjustments.

Why Use Titanium Screwlinks?

Titanium is the first choice of material for any climber or route setter, as it offers several advantages over steel, which is more commonly used:

  • Lightweight Durability: Titanium delivers a formidable strength similar to steel, but at a fraction of its weight.
  • Enduring Performance: The corrosion-resistant properties of titanium mean that your screwlink will maintain its integrity offering consistent reliability.

Uses for Titanium Screwlinks

  • Construction of lower offs / bolt belays.
  • Rock climbing.
  • Canyoning.
  • Caving.
  • Leisure Parks.

Titanium Screwlinks Specifications

  • Length: 110mm and 195mm lengths / gate open width 13mm.
  • Material: Titanium Grade two.
  • Breaking strain: 30kN.
  • Weight: 86g (110mm) 134g (195mm).