15th October, 2021

Royal Geographical Society Hong Kong

By Francis Haden
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Hong Kong Rock

On Monday evening, 11th October, I delivered a 45 minute talk to the Royal Geographical Society and guests at Centricity in Central, Hong Kong. The event was well attended and the talk enjoyed by all, with questions running over time.

The talk put forth the case for why Hong Kong offers the best base for sport climbing in Asia and the unique climbing history from the 1950s to present day. In particular how Hong Kong was the first location in Asia not only for traditional but also sport climbing and how other well known locations, were developed by foreign climbers who had visited Hong Kong beforehand.

The process of new route development, the risks involved and the financial outlay were presented to the audience and became a well discussed topic during the question and answer session.

I would like to thank the RGS (Julian and Rupert) for their welcome and Wendy for technical support. Centricity itself is a fantastic venue and their LED screen is a visually impressive resource for presentations!