Titanium Chain

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High quality (commercially pure) grade 2 titanium chain proof loaded to 13kN with an ultimate breaking load of 20kN. This chain is sourced from Japan and machine welded. 

At Climbing Bolt Supplies we ensure that developers have the full capability to configure bolt belays or lower offs in any configuration regardless of the material used. We have sourced titanium chain so that developers can ensure that all components are 'metal matched'.

Available in any length and priced per metre or per link if required.

The link size is large enough to allow attachment by a climber at any point if constructing anchors connected by chain.

  • For construction of lower offs and bolt belays
  • Bolt runner extension (to extend down a clip point when a bolt has to be placed high in better rock)
  • Substituting rope threads around limestone tufas
  • Used with titanium staples to create theft proof anchor configurations
  • Rock climbing

Link thickness: 8mm 

Size: 38mm internal link length

Material: Titanium Grade 2

Breaking strain: 20kN from internal testing

Weight: 652g/m