Stainless Steel Chain

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High quality stainless steel (long link) chain with a rated 400kg working load and a rated 2500kg breaking load.

Available in any length and priced per metre.

The link size is large enough to allow attachment by a climber at any point if constructing anchors connected by chain.

Manufactured from high quality European sourced stainless steel.

  • For construction of lower offs and bolt belays
  • Bolt runner extension (to extend down a clip point when a bolt has to be placed high in better rock)
  • Substituting rope threads around limestone tufas
  • Rock climbing

Link thickness: 8mm 

Size: 52mm internal link length

Material: 1.4401 / AISI 316 / A4

Breaking strain: 58.9kN from internal testing

Weight: 1008g/m 

Standard: DIN 763