Bolting Courses

Bolting Courses

There is no substitute for experience and this is particularly so for learning how to bolt safely and efficiently. Equipping routes (well) requires a comprehensive set of foundation skills, technical knowledge and the experienced gained from applying this to new routing outdoors. 

We are the first in Asia to provide training based upon a structured syllabus of powerpoint presentations combined with practical training.

Indoors, our courses and presentations use a range of equipment and resources to maintain interest and demonstrate key points.

Outdoor training is reinforced with practical workshops drawing from IRATA competence, decades of new routing globally and professional certification (Australian Certificate IV) in training small groups.

We run courses to:

  • Introduce all aspects of bolting e.g.  anchor types / anchor installation / access strategies / corrosion /  equipment  / rigging methods / standards etc.
  • To mentour attendees all the way through the process of equipping and climbing their first new route.

We recognise that anyone wishing to learn bolting may have some relevant skills or none at all so our training is modular therefore allowing us to tailor training to the individual.

Practical training during a 2 day introduction to bolting course.

This also facilitates presentations where we can focus on specific topics of interest.

CBS Ltd has provided skills development to employees of:

  • Chiang Mai Rock Climbing Adventures 
  • VietClimb
  • Asia Pacific Adventures
  • Hong Kong Outward Bound
  • Individuals throughout Asia and Europe

 We have been a key developer behind some of the most iconic sport climbing areas in Asia and elsewhere:

  • Kalymnos - Greece
  • Crazy Horse - Thailand
  • Lamphang - Thailand
  • Hong Kong - China
  • Green Climbers - Laos
  • Huu Lung - Vietnam
  • Linan - China
  • Cheddar Gorge - UK

Our experience is gained from developing in over 16 areas globally and we look forward to sharing that with you.

"I recently took Francis’ training program for bolt placement. It was quite detailed, and covered best practices on everything from equipment, safety, and installation. I also appreciated tips for working efficiently, as well as the broader challenge of route development. This program would be great for anyone wanting to get started with bolting, or experienced climbers looking to transition from mechanical bolts to glue-ins."

Brian Boyd, USA


"Gain the basic knowledge about bolting from the ground with scientific reasons. Dedicated and hard working as well. Keep up. See you next course"

Gorufu Pacharasak, Thailand


"CBS provided a good balance between the technical and theoretical knowledge underpinning the science of glue-in bolting and good, old fashioned, practical, hands-on skills. A definite must attend course for anyone interested in setting their own routes one day" 

Mick Callan, Thailand




"Francis has an encyclopaedic knowledge of bolt installation. His comprehensive yet concise training allowed me to take on my bolting project with full confidence"

Howard Maile, Hong Kong


Tensile testing of various anchors with Hong Kong Outward Bound Instructors.