Manual Hole Blow-Out Pump

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Removing dust from within a hole is essential for achieving the maximum holding strength of any glue-in anchor and this requires a hand pump that can deliver considerably higher pressure than blowing through a length of tube.

We sell these pumps with accessory cord pre-rigged so that the pump can be clipped off close to the body when off rope and in a hanging position during bolting. The cord length is sufficient to ensure the pump can be clipped off anywhere on a harness and deployed either side without having to unclip the lanyard.

  • Dust removal for glue-in anchoring systems 
  • General light removal of dust and debris when cleaning new routes

Rigid plastic construction and tube that makes it easier to insert into a hole and can be cut down to a length to suit. 

Sizing: 80mm * 380mm

Weight: 250g

Sold with accessory cord