Titanium Screwlink

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Titanium screw links from Titan Climbing for connecting rappel rings with glue-in anchors or for linking titanium chain. 

Links are recommended to be 'glued' with thread locker to prevent theft and loosening due to vibration but still allow disassembly with tools should the rappel ring ever wear out. This way, only the ring needs to be replaced and not the whole anchor to reduce long term maintenance costs to a minimum.

Proudly made in Sheffield, the heart of UK manufacturing excellence.

  • Construction of lower offs / bolt belays
  • Rock climbing, Canyoning, Caving, Work at Height, Leisure Parks

Length: 110mm and 195mm lengths / gate open width 13mm 

Material: Titanium Grade 2

Breaking strain: 30kN

Weight: 86g (110mm) 134g (195mm)