Hilti RE100 Epoxy Adhesive

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Hilti RE 100 is the substitute epoxy adhesive for the well known RE500 V3.  

This pure epoxy has a high bond strength and ideal viscosity that produces excellent performance from any glue-in anchor. RE 100 foil packs fit the same foil pack holder (used for RE500 V3), the same dispenser and the same mixer nozzles.

The viscosity in particular allows this adhesive to be injected into thin cracks and is therefore ideal for reinforcing weak holds.

The adhesive colour upon mixing is a dark grey / black.

As an approximate guide, the use of a full 500ml pack will typically achieve the fastening of over 25 Titan Climbing 'Eterna' anchors and closer to 30 of Bolt Products 6mm * 80mm twist leg anchors. 

  • Chemical fastening of glue-in anchors
  • Reinforcing critical weak holds
  • Pure epoxy
  • 500ml
  • High performance and technical superiority as per international approvals
  • Mortar suitable for all-year use: cures at temperatures down to -5°C / 23°F
  • Long working time allows greater flexibility during installation
  • Weight 817g