G&B Gebofix EPO Plus Epoxy Adhesive

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Hilti RE 500 is well known as a premier adhesive for fastening glue-in anchors however the product can be expensive and the delivery system is susceptible to rupturing.

The G&B dispenser is lighter and the solid plastic cartridges eliminate the need for foil pack inserts while reducing the likelihood of the cartridge splitting.

A rugged screw cap seals new cartridges yet simple untwisting breaks the component seals without the forceful ejection of components common to the Hilti system.

This pure epoxy has a very high bond strength that produces excellent performance from any glue-in anchor while being less prone to dripping. The thicker consistency is easier to manage and the viscosity is acceptable for reinforcing weak holds. 

The natural stone colour is an added benefit thereby avoiding the common explanation required regarding the gradual colour change when using Hilti RE500.

As an approximate guide, the use of a full 585ml pack will typically achieve the fastening of over 30 Titan Climbing 'Eterna' anchors and at least 40 of the Bolt Products 6mm * 80mm twist leg anchors. 

  • Chemical fastening of glue-in anchors
  • Reinforcing critical weak holds
  • Pure epoxy
  • 585ml
  • High performance and technical superiority as per international approvals
  • Mortar suitable for all-year use: cures at temperatures from 5°C to 40°C
  • Long working time allows greater flexibility during installation
  • Weight 1025g