East and South East Asia has drawn the attention of climbers worldwide due to the extent of high quality rock found within these regions. 

We have two decades of climbing development experience in both regions and three decades of new routing experience globally. We believe that rock anchors sold to and installed by climbers should meet not just the requirements on the day of installation but also for decades into the future to ensure that climbing areas remain safe and useable for the longterm.

Climbing Bolt Supplies continues to be at the forefront of bolting new routes starting from the mid 1990's in Europe, to Southern Thailand in 2001 through to present day Asia. We are recognised for our technical knowledge and for promoting the sustainable development of climbing areas.

We represent the leading manufacturers of European Certified (EN959) stainless steel and titanium rock anchors where our mission is to ensure developers have the best products at cost effective prices with the full support of extensive technical services support.