Bolting Information

During the course of several decades we have seen the reliability, strength and quality of fixed hardware dramatically improve and all for anchors made from better materials while simultaneously the total cost per anchor installed has declined.

Ironically climbers from all over the world have accepted the standards of ropes, harnesses, and karabiners, within a regulatory framework imposed by the European Union yet on the other hand, looking over the same period of development of the sport, the imposition of a similar dictate with respect to bolts has been to the larger extent ignored. Consequently, today’s climber can be confronted on the rock with a bewildering array of fixed protection of unknowable provenance and uncertain performance.

The subject of bolting new routes is an extensive one and a process best learnt from an experienced mentour. Our Bolting Information pages are intended to assist climbers with making informed decisions around what products to use and where.