Titanium Theft Proof Single Point Lower Off

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We provide theft proof anchor assemblies where typical lower off construction would result in replaceable wear components (e.g. rappel rings or pigtails) being stolen.

This unique design extends the lowering point enabling flexibility around bolt placement versus lowering point and creates an additional attachment point.

The loose ring will rotate in use reducing wear and extending its life.

All rings have a nominal internal diameter of 36mm inside diameter, 10mm wide and 12mm thick. We can also produce these rings to any practical dimension with any laser engraving.

Manufactured from high quality Grade 2 titanium.

  • Lower offs and Bolt Belays
  • Rock climbing, Canyoning, Caving

Rod thickness: 8mm (14mm Hole)

Lengths: 80mm (hard rock)

               100mm (soft rock)

Material: Grade 2 Titanium

Breaking strain: Over 30kN

Weight: 234g and up

Standard: EN959

  • Gebofix EPO PLUS RE Pure epoxy
  • Various other adhesives and types upon consultation

EN959 certification applies to the anchor under test in combination with the adhesive used to fix it.

Changing to another adhesive will void the certification!

Please contact us if you wish to use another adhesive other than the ones specified above.