Stainless Steel Twist Leg Glue-in Anchors

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These anchors have a unique twisted leg design that result in these being the strongest glue-in anchors on the market and the cheapest in their class. 

A combination of cold forming and special attention to the bend radii eliminates the need for heat treatment. Furthermore by cold forming this grade of stainless steel it increases in hardness and strength.

Products are subjected to a two stage cleaning and passivation process. The first stage is a hot water spray / detergent mix to remove any contamination from the surface. The second stage is passivation to ASTM A-967 which removes any surface iron from the material, greatly enhancing the corrosion resistance. 

Independent testing meets or exceeds the requirements of EN959 or UIAA123 and all bolts and anchors are certified to EN959. 

- Exceptional mechanical advantage of the legs with the adhesive once fully cured

- No cut notches therefore no reduction in strength

- Sufficient glue mass removes need for oversize holes

- Interference fit enables the anchor to be installed easily in overhanging rock or entirely inverted

- Massive strength reserves in case of poor installation

- Weld free product reducing production cost and improving corrosion resistance

- Minimum visual impact

- Full range of leg lengths available to match rock conditions

Manufactured from high quality European sourced stainless steel.

  • For protection bolts on routes or at anchors (lower offs / bolt belays)
  • Rock climbing, Canyoning, Caving, Work at Height, Leisure Parks

Rod thickness: 6mm (12mm Hole)

                          8mm (16mm Hole)

Lengths: 80mm (hard rock)

               100mm (soft rock)

               150mm (sandstone)

Material: 1.4401 / AISI 316 / A4

Breaking strain: 40kN to 79kN

Weight: 60g and up

Standard: EN959

Anchor Adhesive
  • Hilti HIT-RE 500 Pure epoxy
  • Various other adhesives and types upon consultation

EN959 certification applies to the anchor under test in combination with the adhesive used to fix it.

Changing to another adhesive will void the certification!

Please contact us if you wish to use another adhesive other than the ones specified above.