Hilti Adhesive Dispenser

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Rugged manually operated dispenser for the Injection of Hilti HIT RE 500 adhesive for fastening all of our glue-in anchors.

The dispenser comes with a separate insert into which the foil pack of adhesive is loaded.

A plastic storage case is supplied with the dispenser and can be used to store other items such as a blow out pump.


Dispensing of the following Hilti adhesives:

  • HIT-HY 200-R
  • HIT-RE 500 v3
  • Fast, easy foil pack loading
  • Ruggedly built to withstand tough jobsite conditions
  • High efficiency even at low temperatures
  • Minimal mortar dripping after pressure release
  • Well balanced for better handling
  • Weight 1735g or with carry case 4250g